14 August 2011


Enduring Legacy Genealogy Highlights include:
(1) my favorite genealogy blog posts with a short review,
(2) fun genealogy stuff I find online,
(3) posts that highlight my genealogy blog, and
(4) my most popular posts ever.

Why a highlights page?
Randy Seaver's weekly "Best of the Genea-Blogs" posts at Genea-Musings inspired me to start this section of my blog. In the past I have made an effort to "tweet" links to my favorite blog posts. Those tweets seem well received and I plan to keep that up. You can follow me @EnduringLegacy. At the same time, I find that it is hard to go back and find links to some of the posts that have impacted me the most over the years. Sometimes it is hard to remember why a certain post impacted me. Highlighting such posts here will give me some room for reflection. Besides blog posts, I may share anything I found interesting in the genealogy world. Often I find something fun to share that does not require an entire post of its own. The highlights are listed by date of review.

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