22 August 2011

Spiritually in Tune - Blasius Grein

A couple of months ago I was in Idaho at the David O. McKay Library, in the middle of a semester at college, when I felt a distinct impression to go to FamilySearch.org and look for my 4th-great grandfather, Blasius Grein. What made the experience even more memorable was that I had not yet begun studying for the day. I was sitting there, reading the scriptures and listening to some christian choir music to prepare my mind. Though the feeling to look for Blasius was specific and out of the blue, I recognized the event as part of a pattern of revelation that I have received throughout my life.

Long story short, I looked for Blasius, and within a couple of days I had all his ancestors going two more generations back, with some lines going as many as five generations more than I previously had. There have been times in the past few years that I wondered how my research could ever be as miraculous and spiritually charged as it was in 2005. That year was amazing for my research. My concern that it never could be that good again has been continuously proven wrong. The miracles just keep coming.

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