16 November 2013

FamilySearch Site Map: What's missing?

I noticed a new link at the bottom of FamilySearch.org not long ago, called "Site Map."

This page attempts to list all the pages in the website or at least each product. Examples: It lists the Research Wiki, but not all 75,000 articles. It lists Family Tree, but not each person page in the tree... etc. etc.

This is an exciting development, because among avid FamilySearch.org users, many of us notice that certain pages seem hidden... and frequent website upgrades sometimes move the links to new locations.

Some die-hard users may even decide to use the Site Map page as their first stop instead of the prettier home screen. This would drop the number of clicks required to get to some of the obscure products.

In fact, some of these products don't even have links except for from here. Examples would be "Featured Pages." Pages like those have traditionally been linked to temporarily on the home screen as a highlighted item and then disappear. If you are particularly interested in one of the feature page topics you might still enjoy using them.

Even with the advent of the "Site Map" there are still several pages missing from the list. Can you help me identify them by leaving a page title and link in the comments?

Click for full size. Captured 16 Nov 2013.
List of products or website sections/features not included in Site Map:
External sites hosted/owned/managed/co-built/enabled by FamilySearch (a.k.a. Family History Department):
Note: Some FamilySearch collections are available on other websites such as Ancestry.com, MyHeritage, and findmypast.com

Social media presence:

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  1. I gave a presentation at the BYU Family History Conference that was a site map of sorts and includes several things not on the main site map. It's getting out of date, of course, but I think still may have value for those trying to understand the various tools provided by FamilySearch, including some of the more obscure ones.

    URL List - For a list of URLs with some brief descriptions
    Screenshots - The presentation slides which is mostly screenshots of the URLs in the first link


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