17 November 2011

BYU-Idaho offers Family History Associates

Last week BYU-Idaho finalized the approval process for an Applied Associates degree in Family History.

This degree will be offered completely online. It is scheduled to be developed over the next couple years, with a couple courses being introduced each semester. The degree is designed to help students prepare for accreditation as a professional genealogist.

Please await the addition of this degree to the catalog.

09 November 2011

Research/Interpersonal Recommendations

"Our son Mike McCormick has helped our family immensely for generations to come and generations previous. I now feel more tied to these generations and have many many good stories of their lives to pass on and be connected to. All this, too, in  a good way that keeps me interested, in a special way, in life and living."
J. Michael McCormick, father - Gardners, PA - 2011

"Mike has a wealth of knowledge and is very talented in every aspect of genealogy. He has the ability to inspire people of every age to learn about and gain a love of family history. Through prayer, faith, and perseverance he has solved many great mysteries. Mike has a special relationship with God, a spiritual gift, that by the spirit he knows what should be done to find our ancestors."
Susan McCormick, mother - Gardners, PA - 2011

“Michael is doing an outstanding job researching my family's genealogy, he is a true professional who produces superior results.”
James Schilling, cousin - Dover, DE - 2010

"The genealogy work that you have done for our family has been fascinating, really and well worth the investment."
Renae, sister - Provo, UT - 2009

05 November 2011


"Fabulous, just fabulous! Michael, I could not be happier with the research you have provided. Being 2 states away, it was not possible for me to access public and church records in Pennsylvania. You have been a valuable and trustworthy resource that has made my research easier and faster."
Randy Davis, client - Richmond, VA - 2009

"It has been great working with Michael. I very much recommend him for your research needs!"
Hillary, client - El Paso, TX - 2009

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"Mike McCormick has undeniably been a great asset to the BYU-Idaho Family History Center. As a volunteer he has developed a full Internet presence for the Family History Center that is another important tool to involve University students in family history research. He not only created a BYU-Idaho FHC Facebook page and a blog site but has updated our FamilySearch Research Wiki page and our Twitter account, tying these, along with our University FHC website and our library research guides all together into one cohesive Internet presence. While doing this he has been very patient and willing to spend the time necessary to teach us the mechanics and concepts of all parts of our Internet presence. We will miss him when he graduates."
Douglas and Aldene Poole, FHC Directors - BYU-Idaho - 2011

"Mike McCormick is the best genealogist and the most knowledgeable person I know. He can answer any question I might have about my genealogy problems either about research or how to use any research program. He is always willing to help others."
Mary L. Deibler, FHC Director - Gettysburg, PA - 2007

"I was privileged to have Michael McCormick as a student at Brigham Young University in my 'Writing Family History' class (History 433). He was an outstanding student and did an excellent job researching and writing a history of his family."
Nancy NeSmith, Professor - Brigham Young University - 2009

"I am happy to recommend Michael McCormick as a very proficient and dedicated genealogist, who goes the second mile in his research for clients, and also weaves in the historical and social contexts, to create a well-rounded product."
Gerald M. Haslam, PhD - Brigham Young University - 2008

"Michael and I took a genealogy class together at BYU. The class required a lot of team work and effort. Michael was a good team worker and provided a lot of valuable data to our group projects. I can recommend him for any genealogy-related job for which he is qualified."
Kimberly Fields, student peer - Provo, UT - 2008

Note: The year listed is for when the experience took place. In some cases, the recommendation was written later.