30 September 2012

Family History Resolutions | Quarterly Report 3

In January, I wrote six 2012 Family History Resolutions.

1st Quarterly Report: I posted about completing goal #3 "Go back at least one additional generation/individual on 5 distinct end-of-line ancestors."

2nd Quarterly Report: I revealed a secret 7th resolution which trumped all the rest. Or in other words, I was too busy dating my soon-to-be wife to accomplish much else.

3rd Quarterly Report
In this report I will focus on goal #4 "Excel in a new full-time genealogy related career."

This year has wielded a whirlwind of genealogical and technological change. It has also been a year of change in my humble life. I completed an internship with FamilySearch from March-June. While dating my wife, having fun in a college town, doing my own (and friends) genealogy, and praying for work opportunities I was one day offered information from a good friend about a job opening in Chicago. At first I wasn't sure moving was very realistic, but long story short, I am now in-process of a delightfully genealogical career. I started officially this month.