27 June 2013

FamilySearch's new website for Archives

FamilySearch has a page for archivists and potential collections donors. This page gives summaries of the records services FamilySearch can provide to archives and government agencies.

It can be accessed via the About page of FamilySearch.org (a link at the bottom of the new layout).

FamilySearch Archives has a fresh, more inviting look. The most notable additions appear to be a map showing the number of digitization cameras in each country, and a form for collections agents to initiate contact with FamilySearch.

This is an improvement over expecting such people to wait for FamilySearch to solicit relationships or cause them to fight their way through the Support system that other questions go to.

What do you think of the new design?

26 June 2013

My 2013 goals update

Personal Tree Research
Find 10 or more end-of-line extensions
  1. Frederick Bewig (emigration 1853) ancestors through ~1678
  2. Henrietta Ehlers (emigration 1853) ancestors through ~1748
  3. Johannes Schneider (b.1754) ancestors through ~1610
  4. Christina Adler (daughter emigrated pre-1849) ancestors through ~1660
  5. Mary Reinhard (emigration pre-1854) ancestors through ~1703
  6. Margaret Hahn (emigration pre-1845) ancestors through ~1726
  7. Frank Dunkes (emigration pre-1851) ancestors through ~1692
Personal Tree Organization and Sharing
  1. Learn Spanish
    I explored lots of programs before settling on a goal to complete the 5 levels of Rosetta Stone. I am on level 2, but still would like to complete the program by the end of the year if possible. While my own ancestry is not Hispanic, I can see I will have the opportunity to serve others in this area.
  2. Transcribe or help share 200 pages (family letters, documents etc.)
    This one is low priority, but worthwhile.
    I have about 20 letters/documents in two collections:
    Palmer B. Holdridge Civil War Letters
    Transcriptions of family letters
  3. Share photos and other media on FamilySearch Family Tree
Career and Education
  1. Attend RootsTech 
  2. Teach a family history Sunday School 
  3. Help provide feedback and stay involved in social media 
  4. Continue as usual with work