05 August 2011

Zoom.it Review Part 2: Microsoft I.C.E.

One of the more time consuming aspects of uploading multi-scanned images can be putting them back together again. With the free software Microsoft I.C.E. (Image Composite Editor), all you have to do is drag and drop your scans. The picture below was 5 different scans from my desktop scanner.

My grandfather, Clifford C. McCormick Jr., is the sharp young man 12 from right, third row up.
Alice Deal Junior High Class of 1935

After dragging and dropping the scans, Microsoft I.C.E. fit them together perfectly within a few short minutes. The only thing I had to do afterward was straighten the image and trim the boarders. I used other free software for that: Picasa and Microsoft Paint. Then, if it is over 15 MB after the final edits, I run my picture through FastStone Photo Resizer to get it down to the size accepted by most online image hosts. One warning, to edit large files in Microsoft Paint you may need 6GB RAM. It uses a lot for some reason.

With this software you no longer need to wonder how to share your large image files. I look forward to seeing how you use it.

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  1. There is another online option for automated deep zoom/open zoom of photos. Check out http://www.imagesurf.net. It also
    allows to embed it in your web page.


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