21 December 2011

Highlights - September to December 2011

Often various family history entities create their own indexes for important research collections. The 1940 Census is one of the largest and most significant collections to come forward. Through collaboration a better index can be created more quickly. It will then be shared between entities and users.
  • 15 December 2011 - Pennsylvania Senate Bill (SB) 361 signed into law - my post
This law, now known as Act 110 of 2011, makes state birth and death certificates public record after 105 and 50 years respectively. Prior to the passing of this law, these records could not be legally put online and were impractical to use for research.
Read more on Renee's Genealogy Blog. MyHeritage is one of the most visited genealogy websites in the world, but has no office in the family history capital of the world--until now. FamilyLink's Utah office comes under the umbrella of MyHeritage. This positions the company to remain a significant contributor along side Ancestry.com, BrightSolid, FamilySearch, NewsBank and Archives.com.
  • 17 November 2011 - BYU-Idaho offers Family History Associates - my post
This program will help students prepare for ICAPGen Accreditation.
  • 14 November 2011 - ICAPGen Announces New Levels Program - Read more at EOGN
  • 2 November 2011 - Virginia fights for positive genealogy legislation - Read more at EOGN
  • 25 October 2011 - FamilySearch Data Centers and Second Vault - Read more at The Ancestry Insider
  • 20 October 2011 - Michael W. McCormick creates a genealogy blog for BYU-Idaho
  • 2 October 2011 - Leader Calls Upon Church Youth to Research Ancestors - Read more at The Ancestry Insider 
  • 17 September 2011 - LDS Temple in Philadelphia will increase family history efforts in the area
To learn more about the temple groundbreaking visit ABC 6. Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are famous for their enthusiasm for and contributions to family history. It is speculated that a Family History Center may be built with the new temple and many LDS members feel that the spirit brought by having a "House of the Lord" in the area will be a benefit to this meaningful family work.


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