22 January 2015

I'm an Accredited Genealogist®!

I'm an Accredited Genealogist®!

See my ICAPGen profile by clicking here.

For those few loyal readers who have been following my blog closely for a couple of years, you will know that I set a goal way back in 2012 to get my AG® credential.

It did not work out that year, as I let other goals and my intimidation of doing such a big project block me from it at the time. I did accomplish some other huge genealogy goals back then.

In 2014 my genealogy employers got behind the idea that I should have the credential. That did a lot to motivate me!

If any of you are struggling in the same manner as I was or have questions about the credentialing process with the International Commission for the Accreditation of Professional Genealogists, please feel free to find me on social media or comment to this post.

By the way, my accreditation region is the Mid-Atlantic US. I chose it because that is the region where I did the most research for the first ten years of my life as a genealogy lover. I do research in other places more often these days. 

Note: I am not accepting clients, but I do like to network/educate.