Michael W. McCormick
Michael McCormick is a family history enthusiast who enjoys following the cutting-edge of genealogy technology. Michael's curiosity about his family tree began in his youth, and opportunities to become more involved consecutively fell in place. He was asked to be a Family History Consultant as a college freshman, and has been volunteering in that capacity for several years since. Michael's fondest family history memories are times spent with his family--searching through cemeteries and archives, as well as sharing findings, and contacting long-lost relatives. He enjoyed those activities with his parents and is incorporating some of the same things as traditions with his wife.

When a grassroots group in his home state lobbied for public access to older vital records, Michael contacted several legislators and coordinated social media outreach to support the bill. After graduating from BYU-Idaho, Michael interned with the FamilySearch Help as a Service team. He now works as an heir searcher. 

Michael has lived in Pennsylvania, Idaho, Virginia, Utah, and Chicago. His ancestors are primarily from Baltimore, the north-eastern United States, Germany, and Ireland. He is currently pursuing the American dream with his beautiful wife. Her ancestors are primarily from Mexico. Michael enjoys the research, getting others more involved, and the spiritual fulfillment that comes from his favorite hobby.

Blog Disclaimer
All opinions expressed herein are solely the responsibility of the author.

Enduring Legacy Genealogy

Enduring Legacy Genealogy, as a name, represents the inner need to be part of something eternal (family) and to leave a legacy of true importance (family). Michael started Enduring Legacy Genealogy in 2007 as a research LLC. He found success in helping more people with their family history and gaining experience. "Internet genealogy and local research in the Mid-Atlantic U.S." was Michael's professional research specialty. In 2010, Michael stopped accepting clients, but continues to use the name to remind people of the "enduring legacy" that we engage in.

Credentials and Experience
  • Researching since 1999
  • Volunteering since 2004
  • Professional since 2007
  • Association of Professional Genealogists Member
Education Emphases
  • History - Bachelor of Science, BYU-Idaho (December 2011)
  • Genealogy and communications emphases 

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