15 August 2011

Highlights - August 2011

  • 18 Aug 2011 - Footnote.com becomes Fold3 - my post
  • 16 Aug 2011 - Lingotek Enables FamilySearch Members to Translate Historical Documents - their press release
  • 14 Aug 2011 - The Genealogy Guys Podcast: Episode 224
    These podcasts are an hour chalk full of information. Towards the end of this podcast there is a Q&A in which the genealogy guys answer a question about obtaining the SS-5 (Social Security Application) of an ancestor. I've found this to be a great tool in genealogy research. The most interesting fact to me was the date by which all men had to file a SS-5. The SSDI is incomplete before 1962, but if you had a male ancestor living in the 1930's, he was required to file an SS-5 by December 31, 1937. To order a copy of an ancestor's SS-5 go to the FOIA SSA-711.
    This post summarizes changes coming to FamilySearch.org according to Robert Kehrer, senior product manager for FamilySearch. Each points discussed has come up in the genealogy blogging community before, but it is a nice summary reminder of a few things FamilySearch is working toward. Such posts are always encouraging. Because I have heard this all before I know these things take time. I'm not going to watch the clock too closely for when the new features are released, but I will be very happy with what is coming.
    There are several interviews available on this channel from RootsTech 2011 and a few from other conferences within the past few years. While each interview is "expert," the most memorable interview for me this week was "Family History and Mobile Strategies with Ty Hatch." This month I've been spending a lot of time exploring the new BillionGraves mobile app. This app uses crowd-sourcing to photograph and transcribe graves. A unique feature is the automatic geo-tagging. The BillionGraves apps were released in May and June this year. This interview with Ty Hatch, from 3 months earlier, discusses the genealogy mobile market and the need to use mobile technology such as geo-tagging.
    • 9 Aug 2011 - Enduring Legacy Genealogy introduces a new blogging topic: "Inspirational"
    Check out a line of posts highlighting inspirational and informative family stories from my very own family tree. I hope to post stories about my research as well as narratives about select ancestors in the future. These posts add a new flavor to my blog.
    My post The FamilySearch Tree's "Universal" Future was one of the posts highlighted by Randy Seaver.

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