26 August 2011

Pennsylvania Senate Genealogy Bill Update

Mike Hengst, of Senator Ribbons' staff, sent me an update on SB 361 today. He explained why nothing has happened recently by reminding us that the Senate does not return to session until September 19th and the House not until September 26th. Mike Hengst has been working for this bill for the last decade and feels positive about the progress being made this session. He plans to meet with the executive director of the Senate Appropriations Committee next week "to make the case to list the bill soon after the Senate returns to session." Mike's attitude was positive with a parting call for action: "Just keep the letters going to the members of the Appropriations Committee – believe me it does help even if you haven’t been getting a response – folks are becoming aware of this issue here."

SB 361 is a bill that will change the way genealogy is done in Pennsylvania. Current vital records laws make genealogy research inconvenient through overly restrictive policy. For example, PA has no public vital records index.
Learn how you can help at the website for People for Better Pennsylvania Historical Records Access - PaHR-Access.

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