28 January 2013

Sneak peek to next version of FamilySearch Family Tree?

Rather than duplicate what was already posted, I am simply providing you a link to screenshots:

While the post is meant to assure FamilySearch Photos beta users that their work will be preserved and shared, a close look at the screenshots reveals some encouraging user interface improvements for Family Tree.

  • quick click-able links to the sections for Vitals, Other, Family, Sources, Discussion, and Ordinances (LDS). Currently, users must scroll to the section they want. I see this as a major improvement on usability, even though it is a small thing.
  • a larger portrait, and removal of the view tree button (presumably replaced by the tree icon). I like the bigger photo portrait area, but I'm not sure I like the tree button. What do you think?
  • and of course, the photos tab. Wonderful. 
These developments are encouraging. Small steps. No release date, but I would guess this will roll out by the end of RootsTech in March. There is always room for improvement. I hope this news will encourage someone about the future of Family Tree as it has done for me. They are still working to make it better.


  1. Have just discovered this blog and look forward to checking it regularly.

    You may be aware of the e-mail sent out today by The Ancestry Insider blog. I was intrigued by this update of new developments and planned implementations to Family Tree and now am pleased to find your link to additional information about this topic.

    It appears that there is still much to be done before Family Tree can be released to the general public and newFamilySearch closed down, but I am glad that they are trying to get it right instead of rushing ahead with a product that still has many problems to be resolved.

    Stan Hall, Provo, Utah

  2. One item that I never see mentioned in such articles as this, however, is the issue of migration of patron-furnished notes and sources from NFS to Family Tree. I have had an assurance given to me from the Family Tree staff that this will take place before Family Tree is given a general release and also have heard unofficially that this process is giving the engineers many problems. I submitted thousands of names with notes and sources into NFS and am anxious to see how they appear when migrated to Family Tree.

    I have received, however, thefollowing response received from Ron Tanner when I asked if the migration would be affected by how two records, one with notes and sources and one without, are merged in Family Tree:

    "Individual notes that have been placed on ancestors in new.familysearch.org will come over to the Family Tree as notes on the ancestor as well. Since we do not know if they are source citations vs. notes we cannot automatically convert them to the new source format. However, they will be there and will be visible to users who should recognize them as source references."

    Now it would be great to see such a migrated note and to have an idea when these will be available for viewing in Family Tree..

    If you obtain any information as to the status of the process of migrating patron-submitted notes and sources from NFS to Family Tree, I hope that you will include it in a future post.

    Reed Stanley Hall

  3. Thanks for your comments. I will keep an ear out. I have heard the same as you that transferring the source notes from nFS to FT is on their list. I don't believe I have heard anything thusfar that would add to what you apparently already understand. Keep up the good work. :)


Thanks for your kind and thoughtful comments.