28 January 2013

Amanuensis Monday: Let us be cheerful In times like these

NOTE: Amanuensis Monday is a genealogy blogging prompt used by many in the blogging community. The word, according to Google, means: "A literary or artistic assistant, in particular one who takes dictation or copies manuscripts."

My sister, her husband, and I are going through old family letters together. This is a wonderful sharing experience between our family. We hope anyone who is interested will benefit from our work and that there will be many more letters to come.

                           Dec. 25, 1941
Dear Caldwell:
            We are living in very un-
certain times.  Times when we
know not from one day to
another whether we will
ever have an opportunity
of seeing each other again
after separating in the
morning for our regular
            Let us be cheerful
            In times like these it
behooves us all to make in the
memories of each other pleasant
and lasting
^impressions of friendly spirit—
impressions of
^paternal, maternal, and
filial endearments that
will carry us through any
[page break]
possible separations, long
or short, so long as we
all or any of us shall
       --finitely or eternally
live.^  Let us not allow our-
selves to lend our minds
                     words of
and voices to^ petty bicker-
ings or vituperations.  Let
us remember that the smallest
unit of our society—the
family—must be retained
intact (as nearly as possibly)
and on terms of good will,
^feeling, and good spirits,
if our cities, our states, our
nations to retain within
them the necessary cohesive-
ness to endure.^ Remember
the old adage “A chain is
[page break]
no stronger than its weakest
link.”  If each individual
in our family respects
                                thinks of(?)
each other individual^ and
actively engages to deserve
that respect from the
others, we, as a family,
will succeed and en-
dure in the way that
we should.
            I pledge my self to
the above and ask
your cooperation.
            May the gift accom-
panying this missive
ever serve to remind
[page break]
you that your father
seeks not to criticise
your every action by
what he means as
^friendly interest in
your affairs; that he
would not take away
from you that inde-
pendence which every
young man should
have; but that he
expects you to use your
independence as freedom,
not as license.   ¶ Liberty
is such action as uses
one’s rights only so far
as they do not infringe
[page break]
upon the rights of
others.  It has^ been
said that “One
man’s rights stop where
another’s ^ begin.”
            Whatever happens,
wheresoever you may
be, may this watch
ever remind you that
your Dad wishes for
you only the BEST.

Select individuals included in this letter:  
Clifford Caldwell McCormick Junior "Caldwell" (his page in FamilySearch Family Tree)
Clifford Caldwell McCormick Senior "Pop" (his page in FamilySearch Family Tree)

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