01 January 2013

Reflections on my 2012 genealogy goals

I've broken my 2012 goals into 4 categories for reflection: Organization and Sharing, Research, Career and Education, and Real Life and Relationships. I completed 3 of 6 goals--and if you count the addition of the 4th category then 4 of 7. My goal progress was balanced well across all categories. I hope to make a list for 2013 soon. What are/were your goals?

Update: After writing this, I noticed it was my 100th post. That is a fun accomplishment that came as a surprise. I'd categorize the blog under Teaching and Sharing I think--a category I did not include.

Organization and Sharing

1. Name 10% of my 25,000+ genealogy files

I reached my goal through a combination of Tidy Up for MAC and organizational naming. Using Tidy Up, I was able to identify the duplicate images in file and delete them in a matter of minutes. That task was something that I expected to take many hours before finding that software.
Although I added several more files to my genealogy file, I ended up with less than 21,000.

I also switched from using a 64GB USB drive to using Dropbox as my primary backup and portability solution. FamilySearch (here) and Eastman's Online Genealogy Blog (here, but I am having trouble with the link) give good reviews of this service as it might relate to genealogy. Having all my files synced instantly makes my organizational naming project possible to do from any place with an Internet connection too.

2. Transcribe 200 pages of family letters

This is something that I didn't focus on at all in 2012, but will likely move to my 2013 list as a worthwhile goal.


3. Go back at least one additional generation on 5 distinct end-of-line ancestors

This goal was completed first, within 3 months. Those first 3 months of 2012 seemed almost made for this. I had extra time and spent a few days a week a few times in the Family History Library.

Career and Education

4. Excel in a new full-time genealogy related career

From March to June I had a 3 month internship with FamilySearch--it was a dream come true. For the past 3 months I have been working in my 'new full-time genealogy related career' at HEREDIUM Probate Research LLC.

5. Become an AG through ICAPGen

This goal is surely worth the effort, but I set it aside to focus on more immediate goals  4 and 7. Especially 7, as I could have focused a little less on my college town social life earlier this year. :)

6. Begin a Masters program in genealogy

This goal is surely worth the effort, but I set it aside to focus on more immediate goals  4 and 7. This program started in October right when my new career was demanding extra focus to get things rolling. I am considering moving this to 2013, though other life goals are competing for attention.

Real Life and Relationships

[7.] I married the woman of my dreams. We spent part of our honeymoon trip in Mexico visiting her family members, asking questions, visiting family lots in cemeteries, and gathering old family photos. Besides that, we've been working on her tree. A long lost cousin got in touch with us and added some more information. We ran into another one of her relatives while on a religious trip to the Hermosillo temple. Before all that, while we were still dating I was able to help her find her great grandfather's baptism record with his grandparents' names. Of course, I had a lot of other real life successes that I haven't been able to connect to genealogy yet.

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  1. I admit, some of these big goals made me laugh just because they are seem so overwhelming to me. I admire your great effort. If you'd trust me with family letters, I can transcribe a few. I enjoyed doing it with you a couple Christmases ago.


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