21 January 2013

Amanuensis Monday: Stamps from a loving father

NOTE: Amanuensis Monday is a genealogy blogging prompt used by many in the blogging community. The word, according to Google, means: "A literary or artistic assistant, in particular one who takes dictation or copies manuscripts."

My sister, her husband, and I are going through old family letters together. This is a wonderful sharing experience between our family. We hope anyone who is interested will benefit from our work and that there will be many more letters to come.
Feb. 10, 1932.
My dear Boy,
      Here is another stamp in the Bicentenial
series. You’ll soon have them all, won’t you?
      George Washington was a real man-not just a
story. His courage, education, determination, and
lack of laziness enabled him to do all that he
did. Without any of them he would not be
remembered to day for anything. What he
fund to do his “duty,” he did. It would have
been much easier for him, when the English
were mistreating the American Colonists, to have
stayed at home on his farm at Mount Vernon
and kept out of the affairs of his fellow-
Countrymen. However, he realized that
the people needed what strength he had
so he consented to use for them his training
as a soldier, his knowledge gained in school
and college, and when he set himself the
task of leading he did not back out. He
kept at it with all his will power and
the result is the United States.
      No one knows what he may be able
to do, but if he faithfully performs every
task he has to do, whether he likes it or not,
he will be trained to do all that he will ever be
required of him. See?
Feb. 12, 1932
Dear Sonny,
      Here is the 9₵ stamp.
As this is Lincoln’s Birthday, I’ll write
you something Lincoln said, and as you
are interested in Washington, it will be
what Lincoln said about Washington.
      “Washington is the mightiest name on
earth – long since the mightiest in the
cause of civil liberty, still mightiest in
moral reformation. On that name no
eulogy is expected. It can not be.
To add brightness to the sun, or glory
to the name of Washington is alike
impossible. Let none attempt it.
In solemn awe we pronounce
the name, and in its naked, deathless
splendor leave it shining on.”

Select individuals included in this letter:  
Clifford Caldwell McCormick Junior "Sonny" (his page in FamilySearch Family Tree)
Clifford Caldwell McCormick Senior "Daddy" (his page in FamilySearch Family Tree)

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