27 January 2011

FamilySearch: Super Indexing Sunday

Yesterday the National Genealogical Society blog wrote "Reserve 6 February 2011 for Super Indexing Sunday"

Rather than rewrite the same thing I have posted this excerpt here for your information:

Ken Sisler, a family historian who lives in Newmarket, Ontario, Canada has put together a Facebook Group entitled Super Indexing Sunday to announce a grassroots effort to index genealogical records through the website indexing.familysearch.org. The goal is to break the record of approximately 1.9 million records indexed in 1 day which took place in January 2011.

My only addition is a plea that you prepare for this event by doing a batch before then to make sure you are warmed up and ready. https://giveback.familysearch.org/indexing
Also if you use Facebook be sure to add the event so a tally can be kept by Ken Sisler of how many participate.

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