01 February 2011

PaHR-Access: Named SB 361

Update from Senator Robbins Office:
"Since last week Senator Browne has joined as a co-sponsor to the bill. In addition we now have a bill number – Senate Bill 361. The bill was submitted today for introduction, but it will probably be a couple of days until it is assigned to a committee."

Our total known cosponsors is at 17 including: Alloway, Baker, Browne, Dinneman, Earll, Eichelberger, Erickson, Folmer, Fontana, Gordner, Kasunic, Mensch, Piccola, Pileggi, Rafferty, Tartaglione, and Yaw. Including the sponsor this bill was introduced by at least 18 known senators this session. This is a good indication of the Senate's support of the bill.

The last 10 bills listed at http://bit.ly/PaSenate have an average sponsorship group of 10 Senators. The greatest being 24 and the least being 2.
More senators support the bill, but have so much paperwork to go through etc. that they did not sign on at this point. Be encouraged!
At the same time we have more work to do to promote this bill and will be posting updates about what you can do to move it through the committees soon.

PaHR-Access updates can be set up to go straight to your cell phone or if you are an avid Twitter website user you may like to add them to your Twitter feed: http://bit.ly/PaHRTweet

Tim Gruber, spokesman for PaHR-Access
" ...a legislator can become a cosponsor after the bill is introduced. In some ways it makes it easier because you have a specific bill to refer to... We would like as many as possible... Once a bill has been assigned to a committee we will target the chairperson and the other members. It should go to the Public Health and Welfare Committee as it did twice before and it looks like it has the same members as last session. Thanks for all the help."

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