21 January 2011

FamilySearch: "a bajillion times faster... six months to a year away" by Dan Lawyer

Lawyer said one way to improve the chances of genealogical success is to stop thinking "My Tree" and start thinking "Our Tree." He suggested genealogical research could be something akin to Wikipedia, which is slowly gaining credibility as people add and subtract information from the popular website.

"People want to make the data right," he said. "But people feel better if they can see evidence that supports changes."

Lawyer sees a day coming when documentation can be scanned into the database that proves without dispute a particular date or place. That day is probably only six months to a year away, he said.

"The goal is to release as much as possible for the lowest cost possible," Lawyer said.

To facilitate that end, much more help is needed with indexing records. Currently, 2.4 million records are waiting to be done, with more coming online every day.

"That's one way you can help," Lawyer said. "That will make it go a bajillion times faster."

The above is copied from this Mormon Times article.

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