23 January 2011

Second Life Review, Family Village Alpha release, and other techie thoughts...

In the past I have suggested to FamilySearch the benefits of game technology for genealogy, specifically suggesting that they create a stronger link between Facebook and FamilySearch Indexing. One of my suggestions was that scores could be compared with Facebook friends automatically by linking your Facebook and FS Indexing accounts. Thus initiating a healthy competition that has potential to increase participation in Indexing.

Recently I got a tweet from Dan Lawyer of FamilySearch regarding FamilyLink's new Family Village Facebook game. I've blocked almost every Facebook app invite I've received. There is too much to be done with genealogy for me to spend time on almost pointless games I think. Family Village is in testing stages, but if you search for the app on Facebook you can get added to a list of people they will consider letting help test the program. When I saw the ad from FamilyLink about the new app I was pleased with the creativity and happy to see a new audience being reached. It stopped there. After seeing a trusted professional give it a good review I'm on the list and will let you know what I think after I get a chance to play.

I'm usually against games that take hours of alone time to play, which includes all MMORPG, but I decided to check out Second Life this weekend after reading a recent article in APG Quarterly. Pres. Laura Prescott of the Association of Professional Genealogists was talking about the genealogy teaching opportunities available in Second Life. I made an avatar and went to the Just Genealogy castle where I took this picture. If you are already using Second Life I love the idea of discussing genealogy there. It took me so much time to set up my avatar and find the castle that I don't expect to use it much myself. I'm definately grateful for simple social media like Facebook and blogs.

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  1. I too am looking for a competent review of Family Village and I'm half tempted to do my own this week.

    My main concern - as it is with all Facebook apps - is this: how is the information being used by the application? Besides my own Facebook info, I'm inputting family history info here - like info for living relatives. I have real concerns about doing so.


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