13 January 2011

FamilySearch changes with 2011

The previous FamilySearch sites such as FamilySearch Pilot, Beta, and Wiki are now all at FamilySearch.org

Genealogist have been expecting such consolidation and a list of improvements to the site for some time. A 10 January 2011 news release from FamilySearch to Consultants, Directors and other leaders has confirmed plans to continue with website updates. It came under the heading: "FamilySearch Accounts for the General Public"

The new.familysearch.org website will, sometime in the future, become integrated into the familysearch.org website and become the “Family Tree” menu option. The new.familysearch.org website will then go away. Since the general public has access to familysearch.org, there needs to be a way to distinguish between members of the LDS Church and those who are not LDS Church members. Therefore FamilySearch accounts were created. Anyone who is not a member of the LDS Church can register for and get a FamilySearch account. Members of the LDS Church can register for and get an LDS Account. Familysearch.org accepts both LDS Accounts and FamilySearch accounts. Consultants need to know the difference in the two types of accounts and be able to help members and the general public register for the appropriate accounts. Clicking the Create a New Account link on the familysearch.org website will allow anyone to register and choose either an LDS Account or a FamilySearch account. Once Family Tree is moved to familysearch.org, only those with LDS Accounts will be able to see information about temple ordinances.

Other policies of interest to family history consultants were included in the e-mail.

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