02 January 2014

Must-read blogs for What's new with FamilySearch

If you've been here before, you probably know that I'm pretty big on following any kind of development at FamilySearch. This includes "What's new with FamilySearch?" or perhaps "What is coming eventually?" or even "What obscure thing can I reveal?"

You might wonder how I find websites that don't even have a link from the home page of FamilySearch.org, or how I know that something has changed when there has been no official announcement of the change.

One of my secrets is reading blogs.

The following blogs are must-reads if you want to know what FamilySearch is doing before anyone else knows:

FamilySearch Blog
There is a section called What's New on Family Tree?, but it leaves a lot out.

Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter
This is quite possibly one of the most read genealogy blogs in the known universe, and with good reason.

A very well rounded blog with fun posts, reviews, and of course, news.

Genealogy's Star
A thoughtful and consistent blogger. His opinions are interesting, and his updates about FamilySearch are frequent.

The Ancestry Insider
You'll get some insider gems from this blog, as the author works for FamilySearch. I've been reading this blog longer than I've been blogging.

Larry Cragun Family and Genealogy Blog
This blog focuses a lot on what's new on FamilySearch.org, and has a nice LDS flavor as well.

Renee's Genealogy Blog
One of the first blogs I got hooked to reading, partially inspiring me to start my own. Renee works for RootsMagic. She often posts e-mails that FamilySearch sends to Family History Consultants. If you don't get those emails, this is a good way to get the content.

and of course the blog you're reading now.

Usually any time something interesting happens on FamilySearch.org (a new feature), one of us finds it and posts about it the same day. Some of us even post about things that haven't happened yet. Our sources there are a little more mysterious...

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