04 January 2014

Biggest AncestryDNA sale ever (order before the end of 5 January 2014)

This sale only lasts through the end of tomorrow (5 Jan 2014), so please give it some serious consideration. It is truly their best deal yet (especially with the coupon code added).

This is what you see when you go to Ancestry.com. Then you have to click one of those ads to get the price (or here) because if you use the normal button on the DNA homepage it will still charge you the full $99. I made that mistake, then called to cancel, and ordered at the sale price.

Thanks to my friend Cathi Becker Wiest Desmarais for the following tip:
If you want to play in Ancestry.com's DNA sandbox, now is a great time. The autosomal test is on sale for $79 (save $20), and you can get free shipping (save $10) by using the coupon code FREESHIPDNA. I just sent for my kit.

Before this sale, we had already bought tests for: both my grandmothers, both my parents, and myself. We just bought 3 more: For my two brothers who have some distinct Indian/African ancestry, and for my wife who is Mexican. It will be fun to see the differences all in my immediate family.

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