28 February 2011

FamilySearch: newFamilySearch begins public Rollout

newFamilySearch begins public Rollout, it's not just for Mormons anymore

FamilySearch has been running a new Family Tree system called newFamilySearch for members of their parent organization The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I was pleased to have access to this beta and see it grow since 2008. The website can be found at new.familysearch.org

The idea is to make one family tree for everyone who has ever lived on the earth. It isn't a new concept among genealogists, but having a big player like FamilySearch working on this project leaves us expecting something that will change the way we do genealogy forever. My review? That expectation is a valid one.

The system isn't as smooth as many other family tree websites, but the concept is highly promising. We may see some major changes before the tree comes out of beta. One change that is being discussed is creating a more wiki like environment for the tree.

Don't get yourself too excited. Rumors have been around for awhile that newFamilySearch would rollout to the public soon and that it would start with a small test group before going to everyone. The good news is that we have received word that the test group has been selected.

Read more about the Public nFS Rollout here.

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