28 February 2011

PaHR-Access: Senator Pat Vance plans to move SB 361 by June 30th

NOTE: PaHR-Access addresses Pennsylvania vital records legislation. All interested individuals are encouraged to contribute to our efforts to make PA records available to the public. Learn how

Feb. 1
Our cause given a legislative form in SB 361
Referred to PUBLIC HEALTH AND WELFARE Chair Senator Patricia H. Vance.
Senator Vance's Staff, Joe Marsicano, reported Senator Vance's intention to speak with new PA Department of Health Secretary Dr. Eli N. Avila before passing senate bill 361 through her committee.

Feb. 7
20th Senator sponsor added to SB 361

Feb. 28
Senator Vance's Staff, Amy Long, reported that Dr. Eli N. Avila has not responded in full to Senator Vance's inquiry, but that Senator Vance continues to support SB 361 and they believe it will be moved from her committee by June 30th. A backlog of legislative work makes moving this bill more quickly a difficult task. Senator Vance's staff encourage our calls and visits regarding this issue.

Please help make PA Vital Records open to the public by contacting Senator Vance's office to express your support. Follow the link to the list of her staff above or use the contact information here:

Main Capitol
Senate Box 203031
Room 168
Harrisburg, PA 17120
9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Ph: 717-787-8524
FAX: 717-772-0576
TTY: 800-364-1581

Other ways to help include spreading the word about PA SB 361 which you can read in full here, as well as contacting other PA legislators to express your support and request their cosponsorship.

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