26 October 2009

FamilySearch Labs

For some time I have had a link to FamilySearch Labs Blog listed on the side of my blog as one of my other favorite genealogy blogs.

I have not made an effort to duplicate all the announcements from these other good blogs and I recommend you subscribe to them. I was surprised when recently I was informed of a new service in beta by FamilySearch that was not detailed on their Labs Blog. Generally, all of their beta or pilot projects are discussed there. Goes to show they just keep on going even if we do not get the news updates. It is comforting to know that such an influential genealogy organization is moving forward with so many projects.

The project I speak of is Community Trees. Check it out: http://histfam.familysearch.org/

I can't wait until all of their tools are brought together into their home page:

UPDATE: The FamilySearch Labs Blog stopped being updated on 14 Apr 2010, but the projects discussed on the FamilySearch.org Labs site continue to show FamilySearch's efforts to improve user experience.
"tools are brought together" on FamilySearch.org in January 2011. See my blog post about it.

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