16 October 2009

Cemetery Photography Project Continues

Cemeteries are a favorite place for many genealogists. We love to find out about those who have gone before us, though we often tire of being in front of a microfilm reader or computer screen for hours on end.
A walk in the cemetery is just the kind of break a passionate genealogist needs.
For those of you who don't know Enduring Legacy Genealogy has been partnering with the USGenWeb Archive to photograph local cemeteries.
As of this article we have published three full cemeteries on the Internet. The most recent are:
Even if you do not have ancestors in these areas you may find it interesting to look through these. ELG is accepting volunteers to help with the process of photographing cemeteries. No matter where you are, we challenge you to take a walk, take your camera with you and when you are done feel free to e-mail them to us to have uploaded to the Internet. If you are the one who took the photograph your name will be included as contributor on the Internet when the photos are uploaded.
We thank our first contributors to this project who helped with the York Springs Lutheran Cemetery.

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