06 November 2009

People for Better Pennsylvania Historical Records Access

People for Better Pennsylvania Historical Records Access:
"November 4th, 2009:
Getting Our Bill out of Committee
Our bill (HB 931) is 'Stuck in Committee'. In an effort to get it out of committee and voted on by the entire PA State Assembly we could use your help in getting the head of the House Health & Human Services Committee Rep. Frank Oliver to have it voted on by that committee.

Below is a sample letter addressed to the Rep. Oliver. Feel absolutely free to change or rewrite as you please, to use one of the sample letters from the main page of this website or write your own letter. But please send a letter or email or something. Any letter or email sent is better than no message and a message not sent accomplishes nothing. Silence will not draw attention to the bill. Even if you have already sent a message about this cause it doesn't hurt to send a second one. It only shows you consider this cause to be important. It also doesn't hurt to send a message to the other committee members. The link to find them are also below:

Letter to State Representative Oliver
The members of the House Health & Human Services Committee can be found at: HHSC"

As a very calm genealogist I spend hours looking through records to find even one name of an ancestor.
I am willing to do it. It is so much fun for me! I love it!

What is the problem you ask???

PA currently has laws against open access for even the oldest Death Certificates which prohibits millions of people from finding more about their ancestors!
Sure they say they will look a record up for you if you pay them, wait a few months, give them a copy of your ID, sign your life away, etc. etc.
But who thinks that is fair???

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