11 February 2013

My Family History Center gets Internet upgrade, yours can too

I've been checking every week for about a month to see if our new cable Internet was installed in the Family History Center. On Sunday, it was up and working. I clocked it several times at 15-25 mbps, a huge improvement from the DSL we were using. As I understand it, the center director and others were requesting an upgrade for over a year. I was lucky to have only moved into the area four months before the upgrade. The out of date software and hardware of the computers still makes them at least twice as slow as using my laptop WiFi right next to them. That is a different problem though.

Many Family History Centers have Internet problems and FamilySearch has recognized this in a blog post to center directors. Directors are instructed to test their speed and if it is below 2 mbps, to go ahead and request an upgrade. If you have this problem in your center, you might print the blog post and a report from a speed test you run, and turn it into the appropriate people with your request for an upgrade.

I hope this helps someone.

My center:
Wilmette Illinois Family History Center ( website | FamilySearch Wiki page )

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