16 February 2013

More FamilySearch website prototypes (with screenshots)

 A couple weeks ago I posted about the FamilySearch website design in the works. It is still in very early stages and changes often. The final product that a user sees may be very different, but I've kept screenshots for those interested in the development of the new look.

All of these redesigns are a parts of projects to make the site more user friendly, attract new users, and I've noticed they are more friendly to mobile devices. While this is interesting, it may be a long time before we see any of this--if we do see it released.

I first became aware of this kind of look during the Kinfolio beta and designing of early last year:

FamilySearch Photos (LDS beta) uses roughly the same kind of look (which is also the same look that is being tested for a new home page design):

Here are some screenshots of the new home page design as they have evolved over the last two weeks. I have seen 3 new designs in this time.

 The next design:

Here is the latest version:

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