30 March 2013

A Fan Chart Idea: My ancestors colored by year discovered

Not long ago I got the idea to color a fan chart by the year that our family discovered each of our direct ancestors. I got this printed for free by GenealogyWallCharts at RootsTech and decided it was time to do some coloring.

Red: 1999-2003 (starting, what we got from family)
Black: 2004
Yellow: 2005
Blue: ~2008
Brown: 2010
Purple: 2011
Orange: 2012
Green: 2013

I used some memory, dates on scanned documents, and upload dates to help narrow down when each ancestor within 9 generations was found. It might not be the right year on a few because I didn't want to spend too much time, but it gives a good general idea.

I thought this chart would be encouraging as well as do the usual job of reminding me what lines I should work on next. This way I can quickly see that success has been a process over the past several years. It reminds me that I should keep at it, and it takes time. It reminds me of the times that each name was found and the good memories surrounding it. Some few of these people have not been sourced beyond doubt, but most have.

After doing genealogy for more than 10 years, I am often surprised that the miracles just keep happening. Seeking our ancestors with patience and faith continues to lead to many miracles.

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