25 September 2014

Announcing my Website: MichaelWMcCormick.com

Sometimes I feel like my posts on this blog have a sporadic quality about them. I am not sure if that will change very much or not, but I do want to tell you that I moved back into the world of having my own website recently.

My new website is MichaelWMcCormick.com

It is a place people can go to learn about my involvement in family history and genealogy. It has a professional and educational emphasis. For those closest to me, you already know that professional and educational genealogy is what fills most of my life, besides doing my own genealogy and helping other people with genealogy of course.

Anyway, I really do love genealogy because it has helped me love my ancestors, bond with my living family members, and have perspective that goes beyond myself. I think it will do the same for anyone who gets involved, so I like to educate other people too.

The website is an effort to show my professional side and my qualifications. I intend to have work samples and resources listed. There are very few of those so far.

I have a new blog over there where I am considering talking more about my journey as a professional. Perhaps that will give me an excuse to be even more casual on this blog?

I'm thinking of writing about some of my experiences with genealogy education and ICAPGen accreditation.

Either way, it has been long enough since I posted last and I wanted to let you know about the new site. I hope someone enjoys visiting it. If you do, please leave a comment.

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  1. Michael, Please email me back about this cemetery. I have lots of ancestore there and I was there4-2-16 was a heartbreaking site.tombeardevt82@yahoo.com is my email I am Kathy Beard


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