01 September 2013

My 2013 goals update: Q3

Personal Tree Research
Find 10 or more end-of-line extensions
  1. Frederick Bewig (emigration 1853) ancestors through ~1678
  2. Henrietta Ehlers (emigration 1853) ancestors through ~1748
  3. Johannes Schneider (b.1754) ancestors through ~1610
  4. Christina Adler (daughter emigrated pre-1849) ancestors through ~1660
  5. Mary Reinhard (emigration pre-1854) ancestors through ~1703
  6. Margaret Hahn (emigration pre-1845) ancestors through ~1726
  7. Frank Dunkes (emigration pre-1851) ancestors through ~1692
  8. Maria Dorothea Schimpf (b.1781) ancestors through ~1703
  9. Agnes Liebbard (b.1755) ancestors through ~1700
  10. Barbara Maerkl (b.1766) ancestors through ~1700
  11.  Franz Xaver Doebl (b.~1767) ancestors through ~[in progress]
Personal Tree Organization and Sharing
  1. Complete Rosetta Stone Spanish
    Much slower progress than desired
  2. Transcribe or help share 200 pages (family letters, documents etc.)
    I decided to use a simpler guage for this goal, it is the number of stories I have uploaded to https://familysearch.org/photos/stories under my FamilySearch account.
    Count: 70
  3. Share photos and other media on FamilySearch Family Tree
Career and Education
  1. Attend RootsTech 
  2. Teach a family history Sunday School 
  3. Help provide feedback and stay involved in social media 
  4. Continue as usual with work

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