01 November 2012

New Jersey vital records online access under discussion

People for Better Pennsylvania Historical Records Access (PaHR-Access) posted the following announcement on their Facebook page today:

Our FamilySearch source stated the following: "We have begun discussing a cooperative project with the New Jersey state archives. This would include vital and state censuses and other records. They have a concern with revenue and we are trying to find a good solution to help them. Ancestry is also very interested. - This is a complex issue and we are trying to find a model that meets our respective mandate. I have confidence we will find the right model eventually. The archives is open and is an eager participant in our discussions."
Click here to see the post as it appears on Facebook.

Enduring Legacy Genealogy continues to support records access for genealogists. If you become aware of any records access discussions or action points please share. I will be glad to help spread the word.

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