11 October 2012

FamilySearch hidden opportunity

Thanks to Renee's Genealogy Blog for tipping me on today's obscure opportunity.

Renee cites the LDSTech blog on which Jim Ericson of FamilySearch marketing has written an encouraging little post.

Jim Ericson's 28 September 2012 article is titled: "New Opportunity to Test Family Sharing and Heritage Services"

The article itself provides very little detail about the program. Considering FamilySearch's track record with a couple of programs that seem to stay in beta forever (ex.: Family Tree), some people may be happy to go without knowing FamilySearch's latest prototypes. If you don't know the prototype exists it is hard to get anxious for its release. We genealogists sometimes have a hard time patiently waiting for good things to come.1 I'm thinking that this is related to Kinfolio or as James Tanner called it, Poindexter (for the marketing catchphrase used in one screenshot).

There are a few key phrases in the post. "The services are designed to help Church members [if it is tied to Family Tree, probably everyone eventually], share information and media... Examples may include uploading a photo..." One commenter on the LDSTech blog post speculates that after these images are securely hosted by FamilySearch they can be linked to using the Family Tree program on FamilySearch.org. I like the idea. Although, I hope whatever the outcome, that the integration and experience are seamless.

1labs.familysearch.org is only a small fraction of the many good ideas and programs FamilySearch has/is piloting. I am very interested in seeing the progress of FamilySearch Linking, FamilySearch Indexing (browser version), and many other programs.

PS. This will all make more sense if you go to the recently overhauled about page at FamilySearch.org and learn about their mission as an organization.

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