24 March 2012

Family History Resolutions Quarterly Report

At the beginning of the year I set six family history resolutions.

I'm delighted to report that two of those 6 goals are complete!

For goal #3 I was able to extend 5 or more of my direct ancestral lines, with the help of my parents.
The following are the end-point individuals--all German immigrant ancestors--that we extended from so far this year:
  1. Johann Georg Grauling b.1789 - Bleichenbach, Hessen, Germany
  2. Anna Dorothea Bernges b.1790 - Selters, Hessen, Germany
  3. Christina Pabst b.1826 - Bobenhausen II, Hessen, Germany
  4. Johann Conrad Schumann b.1808 -  RoƟdorf, Hessen, Germany
  5. Henry Lindemann b.1835 - near Ober Ramstadt, Hessen, Germany
  6. Catherine Schuchmann b.1840 - Ober Ramstadt, Hessen, Germany
For goal #4 I was able to begin "living the dream" with an internship at FamilySearch. I'm doing what I love--helping people to have success in family history.

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