09 November 2011

Research/Interpersonal Recommendations

"Our son Mike McCormick has helped our family immensely for generations to come and generations previous. I now feel more tied to these generations and have many many good stories of their lives to pass on and be connected to. All this, too, in  a good way that keeps me interested, in a special way, in life and living."
J. Michael McCormick, father - Gardners, PA - 2011

"Mike has a wealth of knowledge and is very talented in every aspect of genealogy. He has the ability to inspire people of every age to learn about and gain a love of family history. Through prayer, faith, and perseverance he has solved many great mysteries. Mike has a special relationship with God, a spiritual gift, that by the spirit he knows what should be done to find our ancestors."
Susan McCormick, mother - Gardners, PA - 2011

“Michael is doing an outstanding job researching my family's genealogy, he is a true professional who produces superior results.”
James Schilling, cousin - Dover, DE - 2010

"The genealogy work that you have done for our family has been fascinating, really and well worth the investment."
Renae, sister - Provo, UT - 2009

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