20 March 2011

FamilySearch Family Tree Leak!

NOTE: This article contains screenshots which can be clicked for a larger view of FamilySearch.org website changes.

Read my post from earlier today to find out how I stumbled upon this.

The first page you'll see on the new Family Tree is the "Tree" page:

After clicking any name you'll be able to view the tree from there or see the individual's details ("Ancestor" page).

Here is the "Ancestor" page for my ancestor Moses Cherry:

Because the link to this page was in a less noticeable place - the wiki - I am assuming FamilySearch does not expect the public to be using this yet. Not to mention I had to trick the system to get logged in.

The ordinance function for LDS Account holders is not ready yet so we will still be using new.familysearch.org.

There are some definite pluses to this new version of the FamilyTree moving away from new.familysearch.org
  • Navigating the tree is much easier than on new.familysearch.org
  • There is already a working search function which could be used by the general public soon
There are also some signs of coming improvements.
  • There is a place for individual photographs
  • A sources tab for each person
This is not the Wiki style many of us bloggers have been anticipating, but SCOE will likely be an issue for some time.
Learn more about the wiki concept and SCOE here & here.

My conclusion? The functionality clearly needs some work, but the fact that it is online at all amazes me!

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