25 July 2010

Sneak Peek to August version of newFamilySearch

Expected to start beta mode this week at ftbeta.familysearch.org
newFamilySearch has added a few updates to the site.

If you among Asian LDS you will be excited to know you can now enter many names with your native character set. There is even a way to make sure those names get sent to people who can read them.

For Russian and Italian speakers you can now use newFamilySearch in your language.

Disputes are being removed, but for now they will simply not allow any more to be added. This is being done to encourage friendly discussion on a message board for each individual instead of the more harsh disputing of facts attached directly to the person.
This hopefully will encourage the resolving of disputes, but I personally am worried that I might miss this feature as it was a groundbreaking feature of earlier versions.

A couple other bugs were fixed, but the above are the major items. This update seems smaller than last, but I guess that is because I can't speak any of those languages I mentioned earlier.

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