22 September 2009

ELG introduces BLOG

After seeing the inefficiency of the first version of the Enduring Legacy Genealogy website from late 2007-2008 I scrapped it and made this blog a companion to my new website. I have admired genealogical blogs from other enthusiasts for some time. The AncestryInsider & Renee's Genealogy Blog were my primary inspirations. With the increased popularity of my services and demand for genealogical advice, news, and tips, Enduring Legacy Genealogy brings you our own WebLog (blog). Content may include select genealogical news from areas such as Pennsylvania, Baltimore, the north eastern United States, Germany and Ireland. My favorite topics include new genealogy technology, what is new with FamilySearch websites, and genealogy volunteerism.

August 2011. The official website of Enduring Legacy Genealogy has moved entirely into this blog.

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